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A True Understanding of Abdominal Hernias

Abdominal hernias occur when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the abdominal wall. Common types include inguinal, ventral, femoral, and incisional hernias. These hernias can cause discomfort, pain, and complications if left untreated.

At Veritas Specialist Centre, we provide advanced surgical options to repair abdominal hernias, ensuring effective treatment and swift recovery. Our experienced surgeons use minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques when appropriate.

In other cases where a direct or open approach is objectively more appropriate, our surgeons are almost always able to complete robust repairs through small incisions resulting in minimal pain or difficulties

abdominal hernias

Types of Abdominal Hernias

Inguinal Hernia: Occurs in the groin area, where part of the intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall. It is the most common type of hernia.

Ventral Hernia: Appears in the abdominal wall and can include incisional hernias, which develop at the site of a previous surgical incision.

Femoral Hernia: Occurs just below the inguinal ligament and can lead to severe complications if the hernia becomes incarcerated or strangulated.

Incisional Hernia: Develops at the site of a previous surgical incision and is more common in patients who have undergone multiple surgeries or have a history of poor wound healing.

Our Surgical Solution

At Veritas Specialist Centre, you not only gain access to the latest laparoscopic techniques for hernia repair, but you also ensure a true health approach and a multidisciplinary team to support your overall health picture.

Our surgical procedure for abdominal hernia involves small incisions, a camera, and specialised instruments to fix the hernia. This method offers numerous advantages, including being minimally invasive, lower risk of complications and scarring and a quicker return to normal activities.

At Veritas Specialist Centre, we adopt a holistic approach to hernia treatment. This includes preoperative evaluations, personalised treatment plans, and thorough postoperative care to ensure optimal recovery and long-term health.


While generally safe, risks include infection, bleeding, and recurrence of the hernia. In rare cases, there may be injury to surrounding tissues or organs. These risks are minimised with advanced laparoscopic techniques and experienced surgical care.

Most patients experience some minor pain in the wound for up to three months after their operation. Some people will describe this as a pulling sensation on certain movements. A small number of people continue to experience pain after six months and are regarded as suffering chronic pain. The accepted rate for this problem is 10% and some of these people need other medical procedures to help them find relief.

Recovery typically takes about 1-2 weeks for minor hernia repairs and up to 4 weeks for more extensive surgeries. Most patients can return to light activities within a few days but should avoid heavy lifting for several weeks.

Our specialists will always consider whether surgery is the right option for you. However, it is often the most effective treatment for hernias, offering a permanent solution. Non-surgical options alone, like wearing a supportive belt, can provide temporary relief but do not address the underlying issue.

Surgery is recommended when a hernia is causing symptoms. This might be pain, ache or discomfort sometimes described by patients as being “aware” of the hernia. This is most often felt after being active. In that situation, the hernia is at risk of becoming stuck and blocking off blood supply to the contents. When that happens, it becomes a surgical emergency. Our surgeons will usually recommend an operation to avoid this so long as safe to do so.

The cost consists of Medicare rebates, private health fund contributions, and an out-of-pocket fee. We provide a comprehensive fee structure from the initial consultation through to post-operative care.

To explore our personalised solutions for abdominal hernias, contact our team to request a call or book a consultation today.