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Weight Loss Surgery Cost

At Veritas Specialist Centre, we recognise the decision to pursue obesity surgery is significant, not just for your health but also in terms of financial planning.

We are committed to providing you with clear, transparent, and honest information from the very beginning. It’s part of our promise to you – accurate and open costings, with no hidden surprises.

To simplify this process, we’ve implemented a straightforward approach to help you easily understand and determine the costs associated with your personalised treatment plan.

Personalised Costing

Your individual fee takes into consideration personal factors such as your medical needs, the best procedure for you, risk of complications and mitigation as well as potential further intervention. Please contact us direct for an accurate costing.

Step 1: Your Initial Assessment

A 30-minute initial assessment with Dr Leigh Archer is $195. Patients with an GP referral will also receive a $84.15 Medicare rebate.

Please note: A $50 non-refundable deposit is payable upon appointment confirmation. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the initial consultation.

All initial consults are conducted at our Baldivis consulting rooms.

Prior to surgery, patients must also attend the following consults and assessments. Costs and rebates for each will vary depending on patients’ personal needs.

  • Physician Consult
  • Assessment Day
  • Dietician Consult

Step 2: Your Procedure

Dr Leigh Archer specialises in Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass procedures. He can also assist with revisional procedures.

Gastric Sleeve

Starting at $4,500

Starting at $18,500*

*Includes Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Assistant and hospital stay.

Gastric Bypass

Starting at $4,500

This procedure is unavailable

Step 3: Your Aftercare Package

Our team are dedicated to long term weight management and have curated aftercare packages to offer patients the essential resources for their journey to success.

Select your preferred option from the below:

weight loss surgery perth cost

Bronze Package

Pay As You Go


  • Surgeon = $125 each
  • Nurse = $50 each
  • Dietitian = $120 each
  • Psychologist = $80 each
  • Physician = $150 each
  • eCal Measurement = $100 each
weight loss surgery perth cost

Silver Package


Bariatric Aftercare Program (BAP):

  • Surgeon x1
  • Nurse x3
  • Dietitian x5
  • Psychologist x1
  • Physician x1
  • eCal Measurement x1


A Gift Box of essential resources and samples.

Siara Engage online application with tracking, education and resources.

Note: Further fees may be charged if additional procedures are required.

weight loss surgery perth cost

Gold Package


Extended Bariatric Aftercare Program (EBAP):

  • Surgeon – unlimited for two years;
  • Nurse – unlimited for two years;
  • Dietitian – up to 12 consults over two years;
  • Psychologist – up to 6 consults over two years;
  • Physician – up to 6 consults over two years;
  • eCal indirect calorimetry (up to 4 measurements)


A Gift Box of essential resources and samples.

Siara Engage online application with tracking, education and resources.

weight loss surgery perth cost


(*Cost for insured patients only. Cost for uninsured patients subject to further conditions.)



Surgery Packages are for patients covered by eligible health insurance policies. If you are uninsured, find more information in our FAQ section below, or please contact our friendly team to discuss your options.
Additional consults may be necessary in some cases with associated costs. You will be informed at the time of scheduling if that is to occur.
Revision procedures, after package timeframe, will incur additional $1,000 gap fees.


The total cost of surgery does not have to come entirely from your own pocket, as there are many finance options available. These will be unique to each patient’s situation, but may include:

  • Medicare rebates
  • Private Health Fund (insurance) refunds
  • Superannuation: with assistance available from SuperCare, an organisation helping patients access super early for medical treatments.
  • Third party, flexible medical loans from Total Lifestyle Credit (TLC)

Prior to surgery, we recommend our patients contact Medicare and their private health fund (insurer) about their eligibility for various rebates, as a proportion of the overall cost is often available.

After payment to Veritas Specialist Centre, a request for refund can be submitted to Medicare and your private health fund, who will liaise with you directly to reimburse you, where eligible.

Some patients are eligible to access funding from superannuation. This is relevant where obesity-associated health problems are likely to become life threatening or you have obesity related chronic pain. This potential pathway can be discussed directly with our bariatric surgeon.

We have partnered with SuperCare, an organisation that specialises in helping patients access their superannuation for medical treatment. We can put you in touch with their consultants to assess and maximise any potential contributions.


TLC is a third-party lender (not affiliated with Veritas Specialist Centre), offering eligible applicants payment plans from $2,000 to $50,000.

Assisting to fund medical and aesthetic costs as well as affiliate fees. The entire process is arranged by the TLC team.

To find out if you are eligible, about repayments and further details, make contact with TLC direct for a quote based on your personal circumstances and for the full terms and conditions.


For procedures without private healthcare cover, the total out-of-pocket cost includes all costs aside from the Medicare rebate paid for the doctors’ fees.

This total out-of-pocket cost is significantly higher than the costs quoted for patients with appropriate private health insurance. In this circumstance, payment will also be requested prior to booking a procedure.

Veritas Specialist Centre recommends uninsured patients who are considering weight loss surgery to join a private health fund and if possible, postpone their surgery for 12 months until waiting periods end and cover starts. Our clinic can assist these patients with non-surgical advice or treatment during this time.

When making an inquiry with Veritas Specialist Centre, you will be sent several documents including an explanation of the fees involved with our procedures, timing of payments and how to ensure rebates are prompt and hassle-free.

Our administrative staff and practice manager can talk through any part of the form and payment structure and are willing to clarify the information.

To prevent cost being a factor for a patient’s choice of surgery, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures have the same out-of-pocket expense. After appropriate healthcare cover is applied, this starts from $4,500.

For revisional gastric sleeve and revisional gastric bypass procedures (if the patient has had previous weight loss surgery), the out-of-pocket fee from the surgeon and assistant totals $5,500.

Most of the hospital costs will be covered by your private health insurer. There may also be a hospital excess depending on your insurance policy. Some anaesthetists also charge an out-of-pocket expense.

Additional fees are applied to services as needed, which are all eligible for rebates: pre-operation initial surgeon, physician and dietitian consultations, assessment day; hospital costs and anaesthetists; post-op care nurse, surgeon, dietitian, psychologist and physician.

For patients seeking weight management advice without pursuing surgery, Veritas Specialist Centre can provide an outline of costs for consultations. These include appointments with surgeons, a physician, and a dietitian. Patients may elect to pay for consults individually or under a one-off treatment plan.


  • What is the ‘No Further Gaps Guarantee’?

For patients selecting our Gold Aftercare Package who:

  • attend scheduled follow up appointments,
  • maintain their private health insurance, and
  • have adhered to standard care recommendations.

We will charge no additional out of pocket Surgeon or assistant expense if further related procedures are required within 24 months following surgery*.



Includes a procedure that is directly related to this operation:

  • Cholecystectomy,
  • Hiatus Hernia,
  • Revision procedure,
  • Division of Adhesions, or
  • Abdominal Wall Hernia
  • Does not include body contouring procedures.


Procedures not listed may be included at the discretion of the responsible surgeon.

Gaps may still be charged by anaesthetist and/ or assistant.